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Should Barcelona “Bet the Farm” on PSG Star Marco Verratti?

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...Or should the investment be spread out?

Liechtenstein v Italy - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Reports have come in that Barcelona are willing to pay a fee in the triple figures to secure the services of Marco Verratti from Paris Saint-Germain. The Italian midfielder is said to want a move to the Camp Nou, but PSG’s president is having none of it, hence the exorbitant price.

PSG reportedly rejected a blockbuster €100 million offer, meaning to prise Verratti away, Barça will have to go even higher.

The question now becomes: how far should Barcelona go in their pursuit of Verratti? Should Barcelona spend almost all their money on one player, or should they settle for a cheaper option and spread out their investment.

Let’s do a pro/con here.


  • Verratti is an established star.
  • Verratti fits the Barcelona way
  • Verratti fits the team’s need for a right sided, Xavi-like player
  • Costs are rocketing up everywhere so this is just the cost of stars now
  • Verratti is only 24
  • If you don’t buy Verratti now, you’ll never be able to
  • Verratti is possibly the best midfielder available now and for the foreseeable future
  • Verratti defends and organizes well


  • The price could get ridiculous
  • Barcelona has several needs such as a centerback and a right-back
  • Barcelona has a few pieces to sell to raise funds, but not too many
  • Much cheaper, but still very good, alternatives are available
  • The potential of someone like Jean Michael Seri is very high, some say he could be just as good
  • Paying this much money only means the transfer market will continue to get inflated
  • Barcelona don’t have unlimited funds

Now, back to the question: should Barcelona go “all in” on Verratti?


What do you say?

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  • 32%
    We have to keep trying, even if it’s more than €100 million
    (531 votes)
  • 67%
    Anything more than €100 million is too much
    (1109 votes)
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