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Barcelona 2017-18 away kit leaked

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Barcelona City?

After the release of Barcelona's home kits for next season, we are now waiting for the rest of the set, and we now know how the away kits will look thanks to the awesome people at Footy Headlines.

Don't worry, we're not copying Manchester City. Sky Blue has always been a feature of Barça's alternate kits over the years, including the 2010-11 season when we won the Champions League, which is probably a good sing.

Plus, as you can see below, the shirt looks VERY GOOD.

Footy Headlines says the shorts and socks will be in the same color as the shirt, which is good news given that last season's away kits included AWFUL pink socks.

Barça will look a little bit like a City Football Group team with the away kit next season, but at least we won't look bad.

What do you think of next season's away kits? Comment below!