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WATCH: Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund feature in first PES 2018 Gameplay

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The game looks amazing!

The end of the football season means that we get transfer rumors and new video games, and we're already seeing what EA Sports and Konami will do with the new installments of FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer.

We do know that Barcelona and Konami have an exclusive partnership, which means that the Camp Nou is only available on PES. The problem is that PES is much worse than FIFA, so you get Camp Nou but a bad game to play. That may be changing, because the first official gameplay video of ProEvo was shown during E3 last week, and you can see that the game looks absolutely fantastic.

Barça and Borussia Dortmund are featured in the video above with their new uniforms, and the Camp Nou is looking gorgeous, the tunnel is perfect, and the gameplay really seems to have improved from previous titles.

Here's hoping the final version of the game does justice to the promises, and that we finally get to play with Barça at the Camp Nou in a really good video game.