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A Barcelona Fan Asked Marco Verratti If He Was Going to Join His Team

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The Italian midfielder was put on the spot

Marco Verratti takes a selfie on the beach with a smiling fan
Marco Verratti with a fan
Fútbol Pitiuso

It’s clear that Marco Verratti is Barcelona’s target right now. The player is vacationing in Ibiza as his future remains uncertain amid reports he wants to leave but his club, Paris Saint-Germain, won’t let him.

According to the site Fútbol Pitiuso, a page that focuses on football in Ibiza, Verratti was hanging out at a local “beach club” when a fan spotted him and asked him whether he would play for Barça next season.

“I don’t know” is all the midfielder could say while laughing.

The fan took pictures with the player, which were then uploaded onto the internet.

Coincidentally, Real Madrid player Lucas Vazquez was also there. Apparently, most of the fans were paying attention to the Spaniard, so not many saw Verratti relaxing in a nearby hammock.

The fan waited until he got up to approach him and say hello. He said Verratti was a humble guy and very friendly. "I'm used to seeing elite footballers and they're very arrogant. But Marco is a good person," the fan, identified only as Jorge, said.

The fan showed him his Barcelona tattoo and Verratti was surprised, but he smiled nonetheless. Jorge says that even though Verratti insisted he didn't know if he'd join Barça, “based on his reaction and facial expression, I think he has a great desire to complete his move.”