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Barcelona 2017-18 third kit leaked, and it's absolutely awful

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Seriously, Nike? Like, SERIOUSLY?

One of the great things about new seasons in football is the new kits. Not everyone has money to buy a new shirt of their favorite club every year, but it's still nice to look at our players wear it proudly.

There's only one problem: Barcelona's kits are made by Nike, and because they'll pay Barça more than ONE BILLION EUROS over the next 10 years, they basically have the freedom to design whatever the hell they want. Even if it looks absolutely awful.

And yes, Barça's third kit for next season will look absolutely awful. The great people at Footy Headlines have had access to it, and we really, really, really hope they hadn't.

If the little teaser image already makes you cringe, JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE!

Yes. Nike's design for Barça's third kit is CAMOUFLAGE DARK RED, with orange details on the side. Just HOW?????