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Barcelona 2017-18 away kit leaked, looks AWESOME

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Nike giveth, Nike taketh away

Nike is the worst. Nike is the best. Two days ago, next season's third kit was leaked, and it's awful and we all hate Nike.

Then today we get the official leaks of next season's away kit thanks to the good folks at Footy Headlines. And it's amazing and we all love Nike.

Looks good, doesn't it? And the full picture looks even better:

That really is awesome. I love the blaugrana stripes on the sides, and the sky blue tone really looks great. That's what I don't get: Nike can, AT THE SAME TIME, design this incredible away kit and that awful third one.

Anyway, with this leak we finally get the 2017-18 Barcelona Kit Power Rankings:

  1. Away Kit
  2. Home Kit
  3. An Abyss
  4. Another Abyss
  5. Third Kit

What do you think of the away kit? Leave your opinion in the comments below!