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“Ghost Goal” Referee Who Denied Barcelona Victory Over Betis Named La Liga’s Best Referee

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Barça fans aren’t happy with Alejandro Hernandez

Real Betis Balompie v FC Barcelona - La Liga Photo by Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images

The referee who denied Barcelona a victory over Real Betis after failing to call a goal when the ball had clearly crossed the line has been named La Liga’s best referee. Jose Hernandez Hernandez has topped the referee’s committee’s list despite the controversy.

Barcelona were drawing 1-1 with Betis late in the match when the incident occurred. After a scramble, the ball bounced towards goal. A Betis player cleared the ball, but not before it had crossed the line. In fact, it was blatantly past the line, and still Hernandez did not call it.

The referee's committee gives scores to every referee and ranks them each season, with Hernandez coming in first with a score of 9.58. Carlos del Cerro Grande (9.54) and Jesús Gil Manzano (9.46) came in second and third, respectively.

Meanwhile, Clos Gomez (10th, 9.33), one of Spain’s most well known referees, is retiring. He refereed Barcelona’s win in the Copa del Rey final over Deportivo Alaves this season.