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Friendly Advice to Jordi Alba: Choose Your Words More Carefully

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His latest comments are misguided, not malicious

Deportivo Alaves vs Barcelona - Copa Del Rey Final Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Jordi Alba seems like an all right chap, so I say this in the friendliest way possible: he needs to know when to chill. On the pitch, he’s prone to fits of anger that sometimes result in cards. Off the pitch, he’s made some unnecessary comments that are only going to land him in trouble.

During the middle of the season, Alba made a comment that some Barcelona fans took offense to when he said: “In the national team, I do what I do with Barça, but it's true, I do it with something extra because I notice the 100% confidence the coaching staff has in me.”

And if that shadiness thrown Luis Enrique’s way wasn’t enough, take a look at his latest comments. He could have stuck to praising Ernesto Valverde and saying he was excited to work with him, but instead he phrased it thus: “I have asked my friends who have been coached by Valverde and they speak very highly of him. What’s clear is that I will do better with him than with Luis Enrique. I have not had the minutes I wished; I hope it goes better.”

I know some will say Jordi is just being honest, and fair enough, but sometimes you don’t have to be so honest and reveal everything. Especially when people will interpret his comments as petulance, and as an attempt to shift blame about his lack of playing time from himself onto the boss.

It’s the type of thing a veteran such as himself should be aware of and simply avoid from now on.