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Barcelona Ready to Pip Real Madrid for Betis’s Dani Ceballos?

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Should Barça even try to sign him?

Real Betis Balompie v FC Barcelona - La Liga Photo by Aitor Alcalde/Getty Images

Dani Ceballos is lighting up the UEFA Under-21 Championship, drawing strong interest from Real Madrid. And now, Barcelona want to swoop in before the Real Betis player goes to the capital, according to MARCA.

That report might not come true, of course, because, well... MARCA. But there’s also the players’ anti-Catalan tweets from a few years ago.

"Be quiet, Gerard Pique, and don't give your opinion about Andalusia, you s**t Catalan," he wrote when he was 16.

"I find the whistling of the national anthem a disgrace,” another tweet said. "A bomb needs to fall on the stands and kill all the Catalan and Bizcayan dogs."

Another sent to Pique and Cesc Fabregas said: "don't you feel ashamed taking a picture with the Catalan flag? Get out of the country, Catalans." Another one simply said: "I'm disgusted by Catalans, all of them should die already."

He did have some positive things to say about Barcelona, one time writing: "This Barcelona isn't normal, with the way Lionel Messi receives the ball in the middle of the pitch, does a PlayStation move to Jordi Alba, and then it's a goal from Xavi,"

He also wrote derogatory comments about former Real Madrid keeper Iker Casillas and his wife Sara Carbonero. On another day he wrote: "Ronaldo and Mourinho have no shame, disgusted by Madrid."

The list of inappropriate and/or shameful tweets goes on. In any case, should Barcelona want this young star despite his previous attacks on the likes of Pique and Catalans in general?

Or should we just recognize that kids say stupid things...? After all, he was just 16, and everyone says things they later regret. The difference is most of us didn’t write it on Twitter and later become famous footballers.

On the other hand, Barcelona has shown they take these kinds of tweets seriously. Sergi Guardiola’s Barcelona B contract was cancelled the same day it was signed after tweets were uncovered in which he praised Real Madrid and cursed at Catalonia.


Should Barça buy Ceballos?

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    Yes, his mistakes should be forgiven.
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  • 45%
    No, anyone who says that has no place at Barça
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    No, for other reasons
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