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Barcelona claim second spot in Forbes 14th Annual List of the World’s Most Valuable Soccer Teams

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The Catalan club pipped rivals Real Madrid but remain behind Manchester United.

FC Barcelona Training Session Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Forbes have realised the 14th edition of their Annual List of the World’s Most Valuable Soccer Teams with F.C Barcelona ranking second. British giant Manchester United claimed the top spot for the first time in five years while Barça’s fierce rivals Real Madrid slipped to third. The list marks the first time in five years that the recently crowned European Champions haven’t topped the chart.

The values in which we are talking about are eye-watering and it is notable that six of the top ten clubs are from the Premier League. The bumper TV deal on offer to the English sides has pushed them high up the chart and given Manchester United an 11% increase from last year.

Forbes value United at $3.69 billion while Barcelona are estimated to be worth $3.64 billion. Notably, Barça are the highest of the clubs owned by members compared to the likes of United, Manchester City and Chelsea who are owned by wealthy individuals. Real Madrid’s 2% slip in value sees them worth $3.58 meaning they are not top for the first time since 2012.

Most stringskly of the new chart-toppers is their operating income and how it dwarfs the other competitors. United has a revenue of $765 million and an operating income of $288 million. That income is $175 million more than Barça and $107 million more than Madrid.

As this season has shown, money doesn’t guarantee you trophies but with the wealth available to United, as well as other European giants, don’t be surprised to see more Pogba-esque transfers this summer.

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