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New FC Barcelona Advisor James Costos a Real Madrid Fan? Not Really.

He doesn’t seem to care about sport loyalty too much either way

Real Madrid CF v FC Barcelona - La Liga Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

FC Barcelona has announced they hired James Costos as the club's new strategic advisor to the United States as the club attempts to expand their marketing reach in North America.

Costos, the former United States Ambassador to Spain and Andorra, is tasked with the club’s plans in three key areas: the FC Barcelona Foundation, the Barça Innovation Hub and expanding the FC Barcelona brand in the North American market.

Within minutes, Costos’s pro-Real Madrid tweets had been shared by Barcelona fans online.

So what’s the deal? Did Josep Maria Bartomeu, FC Barcelona’s president, accidentally activate a Madrid sleeper agent? Was he purposefully sabotaging the club???

Eh... not really. Because Costos had tweeted support towards FC Barcelona, too.

What gives? Well, being a diplomat, it seems Costos wants to be er... diplomatic, and support the teams of the cities he works in.

So long as he does a good job for the club, Cules shouldn’t worry about his tweets. His attitude towards sports teams is perhaps best summed up by this tweet:

Same guy, same background, two different shirts. It seems he doesn’t mind people thinking he could not care less about the biggest rivalry in sports. That, or he thinks he’s Clark Kent and glasses will confuse us into thinking he’s actually two different people.

Bartomeu, for his part, did make a mistake, at least as far as I’m concerned. In his official statement, the president said Costos “feels so much for the Barça colors.”

Color me skeptical on that one. It would have been better to just ignore his support or non support of various teams alone, as an irrelevant subject. By treating it like a positive, you put it on the table as an issue that can be debated.

So let’s not get into that. Rather, let’s judge him based on his performance, not on these tweets. It doesn’t really seem like he’s committed to any sports rivalry. He’s there to be a diplomat and make money and connections for the club. Not something else.

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