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Time for Neymar to speak out on Paris Saint-Germain rumors

If you want to stay, then let us know!

FC Barcelona - Training & Press Conference Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

The speculation surrounding Neymar’s future is pretty much approaching fever pitch at the moment, ever since the gigantic rumor broke that the Brazilian has apparently accepted an offer from Paris Saint-Germain who are prepared to spring his release clause.

Now, depending on what you read, and what you believe, it’s either a done deal and Neymar will join in a matter of weeks, or it’s complete nonsense and it’s never going to happen.

Former Barcelona president Joan Gaspart has now joined the fray, speculating that the whole thing is simply a bit of “revenge” from PSG, according to ESPN, for Barca’s attempts to sign Marco Verratti earlier this summer, another viewpoint to add to the millions out there.

Meanwhile, Josep Maria Bartomeu has told Sport that Barca are “relaxed. We’re all relaxed, we’ve already talked enough” when quizzed about the speculation and when pressed further he snapped: “Ask him”.

And that’s where it gets interesting, because if Neymar really does have absolutely no intention of moving to PSG, then why doesn’t he say so?

It wouldn’t take long either, a quick word to the reporters who were following him through the airport, a little something on Twitter, or Instagram, which would instantly go viral and the whole thing would be over. Just like that. See you later PSG.

But he hasn’t, all we know is that he trained with his team-mates today, with Barca (purposely?) ensuring he was front and centre and smiling as they Tweeted about their session and then caught the plane with the rest of his team-mates to the United States.

In the meantime, the supporters are working themselves into a frenzy, the media is stirring the pot even more, and how is any of this good preparation for the new season?

I’m a natural sceptic, and totally not ready to believe Neymar is ready to swap Barcelona for PSG. But what really concerns me is that you simply don’t get this amount of speculation, unless there is something going on. Something.

And as things stands, his silence speaks volumes...

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