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Barcelona Fans are Gollum from Lord of the Rings When It Comes to Neymar-PSG Transfer Rumors


Sculptors Place The Finishing Touches To Their Hollywood Themed Sand Sculptures Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Neymar is rumored to be interested in a move to Paris Saint-Germain, in a shocking, record breaking transfer. FC Barcelona fans’ feelings are all over the place. They’re positively, Gollum-esque.

Gollum: We hates Neymar! Cruel Neymar is trying to leave us and trick us!

Sméagol: No, no, no! Neymar would never do that to us!

Gollum: Poor Sméagol. You think tricksy Neymar likes you? Noooooobody likes you!

Sméagol: But Neymar seems so happy!

Gollum: Wicked Neymar! Loses the ball too often! Wants to sign all his fat Brazilian friendses!

Sméagol: But Neymar gives us goals!

Gollum: But he’s always going to his sister’s birthday party!

Sméagol: But look at all his dribbles! Neymar would never betray us. This is just made up rumors and false, wicked tricks! Neymar is our friend!

Gollum: You have no friends! Brazilian journalistes confirm he wants to leave!

Sméagol: Not listening! Not listening! It’s just the fat, wicked, silly season!

Gollum: We must sell him for precious money! So beautiful, so sweet!

Sméagol: Yes! Yes! Precious money!

Gollum: Yes, we will find so many better replacements! Like Dybala and...

Sméagol: Yes!

Gollum: Dembele and...

Sméagol: Yes!

Gollum: Paulinho and...


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