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Neymar to PSG Transfer Isn’t Just a Rumor Anymore, It’s a Concrete Possibility

Remember when I said I wanted more evidence? It’s coming...

Barcelona v Eibar - La Liga Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Just two days ago, I said I didn’t believe Neymar was leaving FC Barcelona. Here’s the last sentence I wrote: “I’m going to keep assuming there’s nothing there until we see more solid evidence.”

Welp, ask and ye shall receive, I guess.

Not only is Marcelo Bechler, the Brazilian journalist who first reported this, not backing down, he’s getting extra support from the likes of Globo. At first, Brazilian media was the only media reporting this, but soon French journalists joined. And now, RAC1, a Catalan source, is reporting that it’s not just a rumor, but a serious option.


Add in the fact that both Neymar and his father did not address any questions about whether they were leaving...? Sure, they were ambushed by journalists, and they have no obligation to respond. But still... something wasn’t quite right.

That’s enough evidence to convince even the hardest of skeptics that this isn’t just the normal noise we hear every year. This is something else.

What, exactly, that is... is the real question. Is Neymar really on the verge of joining? Is he still deciding whether to go or not? Is this all a smokescreen to get a bigger contract? We don’t know that quite yet.

And like I said before, keep an open mind. Don’t believe everything you read. But know that crazy things do happen. Neymar leaving seemed crazy to me, but it seems much less crazy now.

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