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A Fan’s Perspective: The fly in the room

An opinion on Neymar’s situation and its impact on Barça’s transfer window

International Champions Cup 2017 - Juventus v FC Barcelona Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Everyone’s begging for some answers in this transfer window and there’s very little satisfaction in the rumours that are circulated around like clockwork during the silly season.

Will Barça finally sign a right-back?

Is Verratti going to wear the Blaugrana?

Will Neymar stay? Will Neymar leave?

Somewhere in all the dilemma, Barça has lost sight of its true objectives for the summer. The club was in need of some major reinforcements in key areas and for a while, it seemed like Barcelona was on course to fix its issues for good. However, as the summer passes by, Barcelona have started asking the wrong questions. Why is Neymar’s future even an agenda in July? Didn’t we just sign him up on a new deal? He literally has 4 more years on his contract and yet, here we are...

From addressing a big hole in the squad like the right-back situation, Barcelona had quickly shifted their attention to positions that called for consolidation—an ageing Andres Iniesta needed to be replaced and calls for Verratti seemed like the right decision to make at the time. Yet, here we stand, discussing Neymar once more, and incessantly refreshing our social media feeds and constantly searching for the same keywords like mad men in the hope of finding some fresh, concrete information that will finally squash our doubts.

I have no issues with Neymar. It wouldn’t bother me if the Brazilian departs—another will fill his shoes and the wheel will still keep turning. Do we really need this bugbear though? Do the fans deserve this ceaseless nagging sensation of uncertainty? I don’t think so; we deserve an answer, and we deserve it now.

Neymar’s contract situation is like the fly that refuses to leave the room and keeps buzzing around your ears every few minutes. Time and again, Barca has had to deal with speculation regarding the Brazilian’s exit—most times, it was midseason and the situation was resolved within a few days. This PSG saga, however, has gone on for way too long and has become a distraction from our true goals for the summer. What happened to our midfield reinforcements? What happened to the departures of unwanted fringe players?

From a harmless rumour, the circumstances have become murky and there is only one solution to the endless suffering—demand answers. If we keep playing this game of begging and pleasing, we will end up with very little power in our hands. We need to fix a deadline, start prioritising our needs and identify targets before it’s too late to negotiate with the selling clubs.

I loved Neymar and believed in his ability to lead the team.

My opinion has changed.

If he continues to remain ignorant of the club’s need for assurances, maybe he isn’t the right man after all...

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