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Beautiful football played, but not by Barcelona.

Getting harder and harder to find a silver lining. Well, maybe not silver, but a very dull gray. 

Real Madrid v FC Barcelona - Supercopa de Espana: 2nd Leg Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

This one is hard to write. I am not a journalist; that is not my job. I’ve never once even come close to insinuating I am in any way, shape, or form a professional journalist with their supposed “ethics” and unbiased writing, investigating, etc. This is a blog specifically for Barcelona fans. As such, it is in no way unbiased. Most of us might try to refrain from strongly voicing our opinions, and just sticking to the facts, but I am the very first to admit I hardly ever do so. After all, I am a Barcelona fan through and through. My favorite player, for what he meant to me personally, was and continues to be Carles Puyol. As a fan, I understand how terrible this all is. As a writer on here, I’ve always tried to illumine a possible positive. After seeing Madrid utterly dominate, it was hard for me to entertain the possibility of anything coming remotely close to being deemed positive.

After watching that thoroughly humbling performance, I don’t think most of you need me to, yet again, write about what went wrong. I think most of you are tired, of thinking about it, reading about it, of even picturing what the next few games are going to be like. Unfortunately, I think many of us will agree this will get worse (and in my opinion way worse) before it gets any better. The coach seems overwhelmed, the bench is emaciated and weak, the players that might provide a substantial improvement are not given opportunities, the incumbent are humored even through stifling mediocrity, and the board is astoundingly incompetent. It will take a Trumpian-like effort in doublethink to convince ourselves that everything is peachy. Allow me, therefore, to give it a whack. Read on for some positives, slight as they may be.

Irish Goat’s Gamboling Goleadores!

1st Goleador: Busquets

This dude needs help. And no, it friggin’ ain’t gonna be André Gomes. He is simply terrible. Maybe he is super friendly, maybe he knows all the girls, maybe his excuse is that he is being haunted…I don’t know and I don’t care, but for some reason coaches all over seem to want to buy him. Sell him double quick. Let me tell you something about myself. I LOVE this team. I want every single player that has ever been here to succeed. I’ve rooted for every mediocre, hodgepodge, last-minute acquisition of which you could think. Heck, I even rooted for Gudjohnsen once upon a time. Every single player I’ve supported. But enough is enough, he doesn’t belong and he had his shot. Oh, and by the way? Yeah, he isn’t the only one that doesn’t deserve to be here.

2nd Goleador: Sergi Roberto

He NEEDS more time. He deserves more time! It is mindboggling, and also mind-numbingly stupid in my opinion, to keep playing Sergi as a RB when you have Semedo. As soon as he was moved to the midfield I am pretty sure we immediately saw more control. He is quicker than both Gomes and Rakitić, and has a better touch on the ball. Yes, you could argue Madrid at that point were already letting of the gas, but the fact of the matter is we instantly saw more midfield control with him there. More on him playing well with Semedo below.

3rd Goleador: Semedo

He played very little in this game, for some reason, but what he played was a breath of fresh air. He tracks back in defense, he is quick in offense, he has a very decent touch on the ball, he can dribble, he knows when to move and occupy spaces off the ball, his crosses weren’t atrocious (looking at you Alba), and he combined with Sergi for some terrific overlapping runs. Until Sergi moved to the midfield and he came in as a right back, we had almost not a single attacking threat down that right side.

Visca Barça!

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