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No confidence vote: Benedito discusses progress after Juventus clash

So we had a little chat about how things were going

FC Barcelona President Josep Maria Bartomeu Arrives At Madrid High Court Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Agusti Benedito was of course collecting signatures for his vote of no confidence on Tuesday night and we just so happened to bump in him and ask him a few questions.

What was notable was his doubt about whether he will actually manage to gain all the signatures he needs.

In fact, he seemed very hesitant when I asked if he was optimistic. Here’s the video of our chat in full, and a full transcript follows below:

DSPOT: “Did you get many signatures today?”

AB: “Well, in fact we got a lot of them. Like we did in the last match against Espanyol. I don’t know if you saw the big queues of people?

DSPOT: “Yes. Against Espanyol there were a lot of queues. Today I was late so I ran directly into the stadium. But so there were big queues?”

AB: “Yea, big queues.”

DSPOT: “Can you give us an estimate on how many signatures you’ve collected so far?”

AB: “Against Espanyol we did about 3000 and I’m confident that today we’ve increased the amount.

DSPOT: “Are you optimistic?”

AB: “Well not yet. So many signatures. You’re talking more than 16,000, but I think that we’ll make it. I hope so. I hope so.

DSPOT: “No songs against Bartomeu at the end of the match today. Is that due to the euphoria of today’s match?”

AB: “That is the great thing. Cause the crowd is with the team all the time. But when the match is ending that’s when they go for the other thing…the institutional thing. So we kind of separating both things and this is good for Barça.

DSPOT: “Benedito…un placer. Muchísimas gracias.

AB: “Un placer. Ok bye bye and thank you to all the Barça fans out there! Bye bye!”

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