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The Goleadores: Messi and company maul Eibar in a very one-sided performance.

The team continues undefeated and the best in the world continues to pillage and plunder without remorse

Barcelona v Eibar - La Liga Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Holy crap! Am I allowed to say that? I don’t know if I can get in trouble for saying that, but I believe it is warranted after that beautiful match. I mean, a goal from a corner? What is this delicious slice of set-piece football? I honestly can’t remember the last time we scored from a corner, and such a breathtaking goal at that. Many of you are much, much better than I in keeping stats such as these, but I believe that it has been a long while since we converted on a corner. After a single score from a set-piece it would be crass to suggest we are now good at these. We have to wait to see what our conversion rate in plays similar to this one actually is, yet if we do manage to turn our bevy of wasted corners into successful chances then we might have a terrifying new weapon at our disposal.

With yet another victory, the blaugrana remain at the top of the table with a tremendous start and terrific momentum. If our subs, albeit when they are chosen carefully and played properly, continue to produce quality performances, there is absolutely no reason to suggest we cannot keep this powerful start going for as long as possible. Used to be when looking to replace someone on the pitch we looked at our bench with dread, as it seemed our bench was woefully inadequate when it came to provide a spark or improve the quality of what was occurring on the field. Now, at least personally, I look towards our coach and bench with excitement to see what other magic trick Valverde can pull out of his hat. I am even hoping André Gomes gets to play soon, as if the player truly has boundless potential, I now truly believe Valverde is the right person to obtain terrific results from him.

Irish Goat’s Gamboling Goleadores!

1st Goleador: Lionel Messi

I know we say it as a joke/serious in the comment sections that Leo is a given as the man of the match in every match he plays, but it has proven to be incredibly accurate these past few matches. It both makes my job easier and harder at the same time, as I don’t really have to think too hard on who played a great game, but also have to find new ways to write about a player that is continuously at the pinnacle of world football. After such an illustrious career, there comes a time where you really can’t say anything new. Messi is good. In other news, water is wet. By the way, does anybody else find it funny that Sampaoli went to see a Barcelona match? I understand, coaches often go see players play in order to make lineup decisions, but we are talking about Messi here. It is not like you’re on the fence or whether or not to play him. I understand the intricacies of positioning, et cetera, but I find it vaguely ridiculous.

2nd Goleador: Nélson Semedo

I am in love with this man. The more I see, the more I enjoy of his ability and all he gives us as a player. He fixes so many issues this team has just by being on the pitch that it is hard not to remain slightly unbiased in our assessment of this player. As of now, he has given this team terrific performances and a very solid foundation going forward.

3rd Goleador: Paulinho

Well! It did not take this man very long to claim a spot in the goleadores. Not long at all! And, truthfully, good on him. His positioning might leave much to be desired quite honestly, but despite not really having good pitch awareness, he has proven to be an impactful player in one way or another in the matches he has played so far, and thus he has earned a spot. Good on you, Paulihno, you earned it!

Visca Barça!

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