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A Fan’s Perspective: Barcelona is a ticking time bomb

There’s an implosion waiting to happen and it could be any day now...

Sporting CP v FC Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Photo by Octavio Passos/Getty Images

Barcelona boast a perfect record this season with eight wins in eight games since the campaign began.

Things are, therefore, looking pretty good—the VONC has become an after-thought, Real Madrid are mid-table and Lionel Messi is back to being a super-human.

Treble incoming, right? No.

Barcelona is like the rotten apple that looks whole from the outside. All the issues that plagued the club in the summer are still there such as the dearth of world-class transfers along with a non-existent sporting plan. The big signings we were promised never came, and multiple players who departed the club mention their grievances with the board.

To be honest, I have no problem if the club isn’t signing big players; names are as good as their output. Signing Nelson Semedo over Hector Bellerin was a twist of fate that put Barcelona on the right side of the line—if one were to ask me, it had very little to do with targets and profiles.

Results and an in-form Messi have done more harm than good, as they keep the sinking boat afloat but don’t get me wrong; I’m not wishing for Barcelona to lose.

The club was having a meltdown before Messi went berserk and took everyone’s mind off the crisis. It is still there—lurking and simmering.

Hard-fought wins like the one against Sporting are starting to come too often and it won’t be long before the situation blows out of proportion.

Results will only go so far in delaying the inevitable.

We’ve already stepped on the landmine—it’s just a matter of taking our foot off before it explodes.

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