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FC Barcelona Might Have Just Let Slip That Yerry Mina Deal is Imminent

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The official YouTube channel has created a private playlist called YERRY MINA

Screenshot of Youtube  Page
YERRY MINA playlist visible in a screenshot of Barcelona’s YouTube

FC Barcelona could have just accidentally revealed that Yerry Mina’s transfer is on the verge of completion. On their official YouTube channel, there is a playlist called “YERRY MINA” set to private. You can view it here.

This suggests the deal is so advanced that the social media team has already begun preparations, a theory supported by recent reports in the media.

It’s probably too late in Barcelona right now for it to be announced today, but watch out for tomorrow.

It’s no secret Barça are in for the Palmeiras defender, who is seen as Javier Mascherano’s long-term substitute.

UPDATE: The playlist has since been deleted.