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Jordi Alba apologises for middle finger gesture during Barcelona’s win over Real Sociedad

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Real Sociedad v Barcelona - La Liga Photo by Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Things got a bit interesting between Jordi Alba against Real Sociedad on Sunday. Alba was caught on camera giving a friendly middle finger to Sociedad during the game on Sunday.

“They caught me, no?” Alba said, admitting that he made the gesture after seeing the footage.

“If I offended anyone then I apologise,” he added. “They were also saying all kind of things to me and I took it as part of the show.

“I didn’t mean to annoy anyone. If the person that offended me knew me, I am sure they would come to dinner with me.”

Jordi Alba | Source

It’s always interesting seeing how players will react when cameras catch them doing something that is somewhat controversial. Alba took the safe road and gave the apology. When cameras are around you just have to more careful with your fingers and where they’re pointing, Jordi learned that the hard way.