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Gerard Piqué Interviews Luis Suárez on Famous Handballs, Bites, and Goals

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The Barcelona defender interviewed his teammate on his most glorious highs and most controversial moments

UEFA Champions League - 'Borussia Monchengladbach v FC Barcelona'

Gerard Piqué interviewed his Barcelona teammate Luis Suárez for The Players’ Tribune, and it’s a pretty good one. Piqué covers el pistolero’s whole career for the Uruguayan national team, ending with the upcoming FIFA World Cup. Some highlights are his most controversial and most brilliant moments.

On his handball which saved Uruguay from elimination against Ghana in the 2010 World Cup quarterfinals:

Suárez: Yes, the truth is, it was a bit of everything — of being depressed, of being sad, of being sent off. Because we were going to lose, but if they weren’t scoring that goal we weren’t going to lose, and … well, you get up within 30 seconds when he takes the penalty kick, the satisfaction of … of … well, I took a risk in a situation of which I have been blamed for anti fair play. However, the Ghana player missing the penalty is not my fault.

On his “perfecT” Copa América

Suárez: [It was a] Copa we deserved for the the way we did it. We didn’t have any bad moments, and sincerely when we won the semifinal against Peru, we told ourselves that we were in a good place. Paraguay got to the final I think playing the last three games — or no, I think both in the quarter and the semi — playing 120 minutes and winning by penalty kicks, so they were physically tired and all that, and that was a plus for us and I think that…

Gerard: With El Tata?

Suárez: Yes, with El Tata. And well the Copa America, the stadium was full of Uruguayans, and it was an unforgettable tournament, and for me being awarded best player was obviously a plus. I almost got the top scorer too, I think [Peru’s Paolo] Guerrero beat me by a goal.

Gerard: Exactly.

Suárez: Who in the third-place game scored like three goals.

Gerard: Oh really? I didn’t know.

Suárez: Yes, I was paying attention — hahaha! Truth is, it was an amazing tournament, and for a Uruguayan, it’s something spectacular and it’s valued tremendously.

On his infamous biting incident against Giorgio Chiellini of Italy:

Suárez: After that — after I did it — I realized immediately [that I messed up]. We score our goal a few minutes after, I think it’s about 10 minutes after when [Diego] Godín scores, and I don’t celebrate it as much as I usually would — the way everyone else celebrated it — because I was already thinking about the aftermath.

We advance, and I think we went to thank the Uruguayan fans. Everyone is screaming, celebrating, because obviously we had won against the two Europeans, qualifying and all, it had been spectacular, and I already felt everything. I enter the locker room and the first thing I do was to speak with my wife, who was there with the kids and all. And she asks me, asked me what I had done. And obviously, I always, initially I didn’t want to accept reality — negating, crying, and all — and, well, after it all, some feelings in the locker room were of happiness, but also everyone checking their phones and all for what was to come. And, well, the truth is, it was a very, very painful moment for me, for the team, and obviously, what happened, it affects you. It hurts you and all that.

Whether Barcelona will win it all:

Gerard: And a question to wrap up: Do we win anything with Barça this year or what?

Suárez: Yes, yes, for sure!

GerardYeah? Leo told me the same thing, so now I am super excited. Hahaha! Well, thank you so much, truthfully, truthfully.