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A Barcelona Fan’s Tribute: Ronaldinho and the end of an era

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2017 Football Friendly FC Barcelona v Manchester United Legends Jun 30th Photo by Pedro Salado/Action Plus via Getty Images

As part of an exercise today, I want you to ask five Culés what got them to follow FC Barcelona. Chances are that at least one of those fine people would answer with the word “Ronaldinho”.

I am no different. I can’t remember when I first saw him play. I just know that he had such an impression on me, the next time I played football with my buddies, I tried an audacious overhead kick that nearly broke my back.

I can’t remember how it came to be, but seeing him in the Blaugrana seems more natural than a salty ocean.

Real Madrid v F.C. Barcelona

Ronaldinho was a journeyman and most of us will probably remember him in flashes. He was a circus that came into town with a lot of fanfare and often moved on to the next town in a bit of a hurry; those who were around to witness the show will never forget.

He was arguably the purest entertainer we have ever had in football. He didn’t do it for the trophies. He did it because he could. And fortunately, he did it all over the world, for, it would be a shame if he didn’t.

I am unabashedly a Ronaldinho fan and today is the end of an era for an entire generation of football fans.