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Ronaldinho sends message to fans after retiring from football

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Ronaldinho Fußballspieler Photo by Team 2 Sportphoto/ullstein bild via Getty Images

Ronaldinho has sent a message to supporters after it was announced that the Brazilian legend has retired from football.

The Barcelona legend was simply one of the most talented players ever to grace world football and, coupled with his infectious enthusiasm, was simply a joy to watch.

Tributes to Ronaldinho have flown in from across the world, not least from Lionel Messi who played with the Brazilian at Camp Nou.

Ronaldinho has now responded with a lengthy message on Instagram. Here’s what he wrote

“Thank you, my God, for this life you gave me, family, friends and my first profession,” he said.

”After almost three decades dedicated to football, I say goodbye to my biggest dream, a dream come true. I did what I loved most, professionally for 20 years and 10 at youth level.

“I lived thoroughly this dream of children, every moment, trips, victories, defeats, the analysis, national anthem, the walk in the tunnel, dressing room, pitch entrance, the soccer shoes I used, the good and bad balls, tributes I won, the stars that I played with, those that I admired and played against and those that I only played in the PlayStation, but I admire until today!

”Anyway everything was amazing !!! My father and my family supported me a lot to get here, it was a team effort. We got to the end of the first stage with a beautiful story to tell ... You know me, and you know I’m shy and I do not have the habit of talking a lot, but I have to say thank you to you from my heart to all the coaches, board members, directors, fans for and against, the coach driver, the ballboys, the referees and the press.

”In March we will announce how we will have the goodye celebrations and the plans for the future. For now this is to express my gratitude. That famous phrase ‘thanks mum’ for being my inspiration for so long and colleague of so many victories.”

Source | Instagram

What an absolute legend.