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FOX Sports: Philippe Coutinho Will Wear #14 Because Barcelona are Saving #7 for Antoine Griezmann

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Another mega signing could be in the cards

New Barcelona Signing Philippe Coutinho Unveiled Photo by Miquel Benitez/Getty Images

Philippe Coutinho will wear #14 at FC Barcelona because the #7 shirt is being saved for another star. That star? Antoine Griezmann.

...At least, so claims FOX Sports.

The #14 shirt belongs to Javier Mascherano, but he’s understood to be leaving soon, which would allow Coutinho to wear the number.

Arda Turan’s departure has opened up the #7 shirt, but the report claims this will not be given to Coutinho because Barça want to save it for another star - Griezmann.

Griezmann has been heavily linked with a move from Atlético Madrid to the Camp Nou. The biggest question is where he would play in Ernesto Valverde’s set up.