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WATCH: Ernesto Valverde Kept Having to Change His Tactics Last Minute

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Every time he was about to make a switch, his team scored!

FBL-ESP-LIGA-BARCELONA-ESPANYOL Photo credit should read LLUIS GENE/AFP/Getty Images

With the score still 0-0 after almost an hour, Ernesto Valverde turned to his bench looking for a player who could change the game. Real Betis had weathered the storm and looked ready to give FC Barcelona a real test.

Valverde summoned Paulinho, a player who is a good bet for a goal. With Paulinho already warmed up and on the touchline awaiting to come on, just getting the final instructions from the boss... suddenly... boom! Ivan Rakitić opened the scoring for Barcelona.

Valverde immediately had second thoughts. He sent Paulinho back to warm up. He didn’t need him quite yet.

After about 5 minutes, Valverde called his player back up. Again, he was given final instructions before the player was to come on. When suddenly.... boom! Again! Lionel Messi had scored.

Both coach and player laughed on the sidelines. Maybe Paulinho should always stay there in his lucky spot!

This time though, Valverde felt comfortable with the switch and still brought Paulinho on.

“Every time we called him, we scored a goal,” the boss later explained “but we already had an idea of what he would do. It was simply a change of plans, nothing else.”

Watch it unfold here (starts at about 3:33):