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The Crucial Difference in the Philippe Coutinho Transfer Rumors Between Last Summer and Now

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There is one big change from Liverpool-

Liverpool v Leicester City - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

According to several sources, Phillippe Coutinho is close to joining FC Barcelona. The player wants to leave. Barcelona are going to offer a ton of money. Journalists are saying it’s only a matter of time.

But wait a second. Didn’t we hear this all before? In the summer transfer window, Barcelona were heavily linked with the Liverpool star. It looked like a done deal to many journalists. Yet, it didn’t happen.

So are we getting taken for a ride again?

Well, there is one big change from then and now: Liverpool-based journalists are taking a different stance. In the summer, Barcelona-based sources were confident of the deal, but Liverpool sources were not. Quite the opposite - they voiced a lot of skepticism. Perhaps we could conclude that Barcelona journalists heard one side of the story - the club’s confidence - but not the other part - that Liverpool would refuse all offers.

But look at what Liverpool-based journalists are saying now.

Paul Joyce, writing in The Times, said Liverpool is considering Coutinho go this month. And Melissa Reddy wrote “seems to now be a matter of when not if a deal will be done.”

This is a big - and telling - change.