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Tino Asprilla welcomes Yerry Mina to Barcelona

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Colombia Traning Session Photo by Luis Ramirez/Vizzor/LatinContent/Getty Images

Transfer windows are funny things, all kinds of people end up getting involved and the latest instalment of the Yerry Mina to Barcelona saga now involves Faustino Asprilla.

Why you may ask? I have no idea, but the Colombia has taken to Twitter to welcome Mina to Barcelona.

Asprilla’s always been something of a colourful character and he was a fine footballer, the first to score a Champions League hat-trick against Barca, let’s not forget.

He enjoyed a bit of a journeyman career and almost signed for Darlington, in what would have been one of the most bizarre transfers ever, before disappearing.

There’s also plenty off entertaining off-field stories about Asprilla, not least when he brought out his own range of condoms. “It just seemed like a good idea,” he said via Marca.

It’s worth remembering then that while Mina has been widely tipped to come in for Javier Mascherano, neither Palmeiras nor Barcelona have confirmed the move.