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Messi can leave for free if Catalan independence affects Barcelona - report

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La Liga 2017-18 - Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona Photo by Power Sport Images/Getty Images

Let’s all be honest here, it’s never any fun when politics affect football. Those two worlds have collided in Spain when it comes to Catalonia and the current political situation.

The situation has seemed to have also touched Lionel Messi and his new contract, well according to El Mundo at least.

There’s apparently a part of his contract that allows him to leave for free should Barcelona gain independence - meaning his €700 million release clause would matter not one jot.

Apparently Messi could be on his way out for absolutely nothing should Barca not be a part of the English, French, German, or Spanish leagues.

So theoretically there is a scenario in which the club enters some form of a Catalonia league. This scenario isn’t likely in all reality, but the fact that it exists at all is slightly frightening.

Politics touching football and the players involved in such a way is a strange existence to be a part of. The hope is that regardless of where you stand politically, it doesn’t affect Lionel Messi and Barcelona more then it needs to.