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Which Barcelona star is faster Jordi Alba or Ousmane Dembele?

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FC Barcelona v Levante - La Liga Santander Photo by Laurens Lindhout/Soccrates/Getty Images

There are many important aspects to a football match. Precision, acceleration, and much more are considered important qualities for a football team. Whether or not your winger is faster than your full-back usually doesn’t come up.

Well, Barcelona full back Jordi Alba was asked about the young Dembele, and had a few thoughts on the winger, including whether or not he was faster than him.

“He can strike a ball brilliantly with both feet. We don’t know if he’s left or right footed. And he’s so quick. I’m sure in the German league teams play higher up and you saw Dembele’s speed more. Here, that’s more difficult because teams sit a lot deeper. And against us teams completely close up and there isn’t so much space.

”He’s adapting perfectly to the club and he’s a great kid. You also have to have patience, because he’s very young. But he’s going to make us better, he has tremendous qualities. We’re talking about a spectacular player and little by little his performances are going to get better.:

The defender even said Dembele’s quicker than him: “Yes, I think he is. He’s really quick. We haven’t done any test on it, but I think he’s quicker than me.”

Jordi Alba | Sport