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Arturo Vidal Ordered to Pay 800K Fine For 2017 Fight

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The Chilean was a Bayern Munich player at the time

Bayern Muenchen Training And Press Conference Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images

Arturo Vidal has been ordered to pay 800,000 euros as a punishment for his involvement in an altercation in Germany in 2017. The FC Barcelona midfielder was a Bayern Munich player at the time.

He was accused of smashing a fellow club-goer with a three liter bottle of vodka. The attack reportedly left the victim with a large gash in his head and a brain injury.

Vidal’s half-brother, Sandrino, was also reportedly involved in the attack.

The pair were tried in absentia as the Barcelona player was on international duty with Chile. Sandrino reportedly had not given an excuse for his absence.

Despite the significant fine, Arturo Vidal will at least avoid the much harsher punishments that were threatened - the harshest being 10 years in prison. His half-brother was ordered to pay 18,000 euros. The pair have two weeks to appeal the punishments.