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WATCH: Ernesto Valverde Annoyed with Ousmane Dembélé Taking Too Long to Come On

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Dembélé took a long time to sub in for Lionel Messi

FC Barcelona v Sevilla FC - La Liga Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Yesterday we asked why it took so long for Ousmane Dembélé to come on for the injured Lionel Messi. It wasn’t clear at the time how much it was Ernesto Valverde’s fault and how much it was Dembélé’s fault that it took 10 minutes for the change to go through.

It seems that it took Valverde 2 minutes and 15 seconds to give the order to start warming up, but the rest of those 7 minutes and 45 seconds appear to be Dembélé’s fault. We now have video of Valverde becoming more and more annoyed with Dembélé’s lack of urgency as Barça played with 10 men.

This clip is region-locked so here’s the full translated transcript:

Valverde chose Dembélé to substitute Messi, and the physical trainer says “are you ready? Or do you need a bit more?” But the concept of urgency for Dembélé was not the same as for Valverde. “Let’s go. Let’s go, Ousmane. Let’s go!” Or what comes next: “[mild Spanish swearing], Ousmane, [cursing bad enough to be bleeped]!”

Dembélé’s lack of urgency translated into the pitch, at least in the second half where he had a game below his standard. Will Valverde use him as big matches against Inter Milan and Real Madrid loom? What are Dembélé’s chances of playing in el clásico?