Personal Opinion: The Ideal Manager for Barcelona, Part I.

Dear my fellow Fans of the best Club in the World

This is my first Post, so don't be too harsh. I really think, that Ernesto Valverde isn't the right Manager for this Squad of unique, talented Players and our Club. He's a Mastermind of Pragmatism and great Analysator of the Weaknesses of a Team, like we saw that back in the Days with our Games against his Pressing-Machine Bilboa. I don't claim that he's complete unable, everbody who don't Respect his Work in the Clubs like Olympiacos Piraus, Athletic Bilboa and our Team right now, is an ignorant Idiot. He's clearly a great Coach and has Competence, he wasn't considered without a Reason to be managing the Club. He stabilize our Defense and the whole Team. We won the domestic Double under his Reign and probably will repeat this. His 4-4-2 was highly criticized by us Culés, because he had the Courage to break the 4-3-3 System of the holy Trinity (Cruyff,Van Gaal & Guardiola). We won 25 Titles with our Triangle Magic and ruled the Football World, but we did forget to defend and our Midfielder didn't have the same Quality. All this Valverde changed and stabilized. But in my Opinion, Valverde's Abilities reached his Peak and with all the Respect, we should be thankful but we can't expect more, he just can't improve the Team. His Pragmatism isn't something, that will satisfied the Team and the whole Football-Culture of Barcelona, that build his Roots on the Legacies ot the offensive, footballing Genuises of Rinus Michels, Johann Cruyff, Louis Van Gaal and Pep Guardiola. We are the Ambassador of the offensive Football or call it Tiki-Taka, Juego de Posicion, even Total Football, the F.C Barcelona has a strong Identity and Tradition, that every Manager should embrace and build his own Concepts from. The Thing is, when we lose, the Camp Nou can forgive, if you play good, attacking Football, where you pass around the Ball, shoot alot and have amazing amount of Posession but still come out as the Losers but if just try to guard the Ball till the Referee whistle the 90th Minute up, you will be remembered. That's what happened in the Defeat of Rome, not that we have lost, but the Way that we lost our Game.We played like a Team of Mourinho and we were worst than his. To finish the first Part of this Article, i want to emphasize, that we should not have a Manager, that has the only Plan to score more Goals than the other Team, obviously this won't work. Pep Guardiola's Barça Teams was great because they were amazing at defending Goals too. The Pressing and whole Team Movement did kill the Attacking Spirit of the Oppenent early, and so did the Team of Luis Enrique. These two Generations of Blaugranes have three Things in common... If y'all interested in Part II., please comment!

<em>This does not represent the views of Barca Blaugranes or SBNation</em>