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Neymar and His Parents, Plus Bartomeu & Rosell All Threatened With Prison Time Over Corruption

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The fallout over the Brazilian star’s messy transfer to Barcelona continues

International Champions Cup 2017 - Real Madrid v FC Barcelona Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Paris-Saint Germain star Neymar, along with his mother and father, and the current and former FC Barcelona presidents - Josep Maria Bartomeu and Sandro Rosell - have been threatened with prison time by Spanish authorities over corruption stemming from his controversial move from Santos to Barça. Both clubs are also being threatened with fines.

A panel made up of three judges will preside over the case of Neymar and Bartomeu, who are charged with deceiving the company DIS, who had 40% of the player’s rights.

The Brazilian company feel cheated by all four men over the signing of the player to the Catalans in 2013. They reportedly want a five year prison sentence for Neymar, his father, and Bartomeu, along with a 195 million euro fine for the club.

According to Diario MARCA, the state is seeking a two-year prison sentence for Neymar and a ten million euro fine, as well as a five year sentence for Rosell, who is currently in custody for another case of fraud. Bartomeu is not being threatened by the state as far as prison time, but Barcelona are being threatened with a fine of 8.4 million and Santos with a 7 million fine. The government also seeks a two-year prison sentence for Neymar, Sr., and one year for Neymar’s mother, as well as a 1.4 million fine to the family company N&N.

In addition, AFP reported that Spanish judge José María Vázquez Honrubia told Neymar that his prison time “in principle, could be between four and six years.”

The crime all parties involved are accused of is colluding to hide the real cost of the transfer, in order to defraud DIS of their fair share of the player’s fee. No one has been declared guilty of this as of now.