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How Malcom is Taking His Lack of Playing Time - Report

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The Brazilian has only played 25 minutes for Barcelona

FC Barcelona v Boca Juniors - Joan Gamper Trophy Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Despite being the most expensive signing this summer, Malcom has played only 25 minutes for FC Barcelona. The winger was snatched away from AS Roma at the last minute in dramatic fashion, but he has yet to fully earn Ernesto Valverde’s trust. He’s not even been in the substitute bench the past three games. It is understood that he was a signing that Pep Segura and Éric Abidal worked on, rather than a request from the manager, which further complicates things.

Still, according to Diario SPORT, Malcom is being patient and calm. He wants to work in silence and hopes to get the opportunities he craves. He is said not to have any personal problem with the coach, and thinks that it’s simply a matter of Barcelona having so many good forwards.

Another signing yet to play much is Arturo Vidal, who has discussed his displeasure in public. However, Malcom has been much more discreet.

He reportedly sees Arthur as his example to follow, another Brazilian who struggled to get playing time but gradually grew in the squad with good performances.