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Philippe Coutinho: “Luis Suárez and Lionel Messi Made me Feel Welcome”

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“They are two great idols.”

Barcelona v Getafe - La Liga Photo by Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Philippe Coutinho has spoken out about how he’s getting along following his record-breaking move from Liverpool to FC Barcelona. Does he feel pressure being Barça’s most expensive signing ever?

“No,” he said in an interview with Mundo Deportivo, “for me it’s an honor and a point of pride. But it’s something to leave aside. I need to dedicate myself to playing and doing it the way I have always done. I have to improve and do well on the pitch to help the team achieve the things that they hired me to do.”

The Brazilian also spoke of how Paulinho and Luis Suárez helped talk him into wanting the move:

“It’s true that I spoke often with Luis and Paulinho and they explained to me how things worked. And everything is as they say... The quality in the whole squad... it’s incredible how training goes, but the most surprising thing is the group in the locker room They’re a calm group, they made all the new players feel welcome.”

He highlighted Suárez and Lionel Messi in particular:

“They made me feel welcome. They are two great idols and forming a part of the team with them is a very good feeling. But it’s not just them, also Andrés Iniesta and the rest. For me, it’s very special to be with them in the dressing room, during matches. For me, it’s a great experience and a great opportunity to be able to be at this club.”