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Sergio Ramos: “Argentina Are Inferior Without Lionel Messi”

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The Spaniard recognized his rival’s absence made Argentina worse

Spain v Argentina - International Friendly Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Sergio Ramos has recognized that Lionel Messi’s absence made a difference as Spain thrashed Argentina 6-1. Ramos, who captains Spain, said that though “It’s always nice to beat national teams with so many names and with players of great quality,” Argentina are simply not the same without their captain, who is enjoying a great season with Barcelona.

“Leo is a top, top player, a unique player, and Argentina are inferior without him,” the Real Madrid player explained. “Argentina, with Messi, is more powerful.”

“I remember that Argentina scored four against us in River Plate’s stadium,” Ramos noted. “Now we have a positive memory of playing them.”

And while he praised Spain’s great performance, he maintained that the result yesterday was “distorted” by a flurry of late goals.