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Barcelona Lawyers Up in Anticipation of Legal Attack from Atlético Madrid

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The Antoine Griezmann transfer could get messy

Atletico Madrid v Arsenal FC  - UEFA Europa League Semi Final Second Leg

FC Barcelona have consulted with lawyers to make sure they’re protected in case Atlético Madrid appeals for sanctions against the team due to the Antoine Griezmann transfer, says El País. The player has yet to sign for Barça but it’s strongly rumored he will on July 1st, when his release clause drops to 100 million euro.

The article says that Barcelona has “been very cautious” in making sure that they will not get any sort of sanction from FIFA. Barcelona’s lawyers have been working over the past few weeks to make sure everything will be OK, the report goes on to say. The lawyers are said to think FIFA will not intervene between two teams from the same footballing association.

Atlético’s majority stakeholder, Miguel Ángel Gil Marín, previously had warned Barcelona off, saying: “I also said that when the moment comes, given the supposition that the player activates his release clause as a consequence of the pressure executed over the whole season, Atlético Madrid will demand indemnities from Barcelona over the corresponding instances due to their irregular conduct.”

That’s lawyer-speak for “we will sue you for tapping up,” I think.