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So... Just Where Would Antoine Griezmann Fit Into the Team?

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Barcelona are heavily rumored to be in for the Atlético Madrid attackers

Atletico Madrid v Arsenal FC  - UEFA Europa League Semi Final Second Leg

The rumors about Antoine Griezmann joining FC Barcelona have been very steady and very forceful for a while. We could see movement happening as soon as July 1st, when the forward’s release clause is lowered to 100 million euros.

Barça can probably afford that, if they raise enough funds from player sales. The question is: where does he play?

Griezmann has made it no secret that his preference is playing as a second striker, but that would mean shifting Lionel Messi out on the wing. That’s not necessarily the best idea. Griezmann could play as the main striker, but that would mean sending Luis Suárez to either the bench or to another team. Also, the Frenchman seemed to be uncomfortable leading the line for Atlético Madrid this season, seeming to fit in better once Diego Costa was spearheading the attack.

Finally, Griezmann could shift over to a wing position. He did make his name first as a wide forward for Real Sociedad, particularly playing on the left. But perhaps for Barcelona, he would play on the right to be able to cut inside. In a 4-4-2, Philippe Coutinho could play on the left, with Griezmann on the right. But when, exactly, would Ousmane Dembélé play? You don’t spend that type of money just to send the kid to the bench indefinitely... do you?

One final option would be Coutinho in midfield, Griezmann as a left-winger, and Messi as a right-winger, with Suárez central. But this presents the same problems as before, moving Messi out wide and taking Dembélé out of the lineup.

So... what will Barcelona do?