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Gerard Deulofeu: I Could Play for Watford Next Season

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The winger has definitively stated he will not remain in Barcelona

Watford v Newcastle United - Premier League

Gerard Deulofeu remains a Barcelona player, but only technically. The player is on loan at Premier side Watford, and he could remain there next season. In any case, the player has stated publicly he does not want to return to Barcelona for the coming term.

“I have enjoyed it [at Watford],” the winger said. “I have said before that in the summer I will leave Barcelona. I do not know which team I will go to, so let’s see what happens. I have to rest and decide, but of course Watford is one option.”

Source: Watford Observer

Deulofeu is a former La Masia and Barcelona B star who has had trouble finding playing time in the first team. He had returned to Barça after spells at Everton, Sevilla, and AC Milan. But in the end, he could not established himself, and he was sent on loan to Watford during the winter transfer window.