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WATCH: Xavi Pays Tribute, Cries During Andrés Iniesta’s Farewell

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Juventus v FC Barcelona  - UEFA Champions League Final Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Andrés Iniesta will be playing his last game for FC Barcelona soon, and during his farewell, his former partner in crime showed up. Xavi gave a speech in tribute to his mate, and he couldn’t hold back. Xavi was obviously having a hard time during the event:

“Being honest, it’s really difficult. It’s hard to accept it after all this time. I’m trying to enjoy it. I’ll try to enjoy Sunday when I say goodbye to what’s been my home. It’s very emotional”.

It was an emotional day, so much so it brought him to tears:

“He just did everything right,” Xavi continued. “He’d just come up [to the first team] and he did it all perfectly. And he’s an example of everything that’s good, he’s a leader, great teammate, he’s always thinking about the team.”