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Barcelona 2017-18 Season Grades: Goalkeepers

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Marc-André ter Stegen, Jasper Cillessen and Adrián Ortolá

AS Roma v FC Barcelona - UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Leg Two

Marc-André ter Stegen

Ter Stegen continued to improve, and is now in serious consideration for one of the world’s best keepers. At different points, he was pulling off amazing saves to keep Barcelona in winning positions. If you had to be harsh, you’d say he still is a bit shaky when it comes to crosses. He also can make mistakes with the ball at his feet, but then again, few take as many risks as he does. And mostly, it all comes off well.

Grade: A

Jasper Cillessen

Cillessen probably secured his spot as the world’s best backup keeper, and he won the Copa del Rey yet again. He even got a brilliant pass to start the move for a goal in the final. Really there isn’t much more you could ask for a backup keeper. In his mind though, Jasper thinks he can challenge Ter Stegen for more minutes. Can he do that, or will he have to make the choice to either remain a backup or leave?

Grade: A

Adrián Ortolá

Ortolá didn’t play at all for the first team this season.

Grade: N/A

Note: Grades are based on how the player did compared to what was expected. They are not absolute values, but relative ones.