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‘Antoine Griezmann Told Atlético Madrid He’s Staying’

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...But maybe he’s changed his mind after being whistled by the fans

Olympique de Marseille v Club Atletico de Madrid - UEFA Europa League Final Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images

A new report in MARCA claims Antoine Griezmann, who has frequently been linked with a move to Barcelona, had privately told Atlético Madrid he was actually going to stay - hours before the fans whistled at him during the last match of the season.

The report claims both parties decided to keep the news under wraps as it was Fernando Torres’s farewell match, and they did not wish to overshadow him.

The French star was in tears after fans whistled him during the match, apparently under the impression that he was sure to leave at the first opportunity, MARCA claims this could change the player’s mind. They also report half his entourage wants him to move on, while the other half, including his wife, wants him to stay.

Leaving aside MARCA’s reputation, this story seems awfully convenient as it can be “vindicated” by any events going forward. If Griezmann leaves, then you can say he was going to stay until he was saddened by the fans’ treatment. If he stays, you can claim that the agreement was true, and he got over the slight by the fans.

I would advise people to treat this story with caution, even if it seems quite juicy. Again, the key moment is when the player’s release clause drops in price on July 1st. Barcelona, if they are truly serious, will be able to make a move then.