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Conflicting Reports on Whether Antoine Griezmann Will Join FC Barcelona

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Now I’m just confused.

Espanyol v Atletico Madrid - La Liga Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Antoine Griezmann told his teammates he was staying, says MARCA, but maybe he now changed his mind. Atlético Madrid already consider him gone and are looking for a replacement, says Diario SPORT. Atlético aren’t looking for a replacement, although Barcelona do think he will join, says RAC1. Atlético are sending out “contradictory” information about whether he will stay, but Barça remain calm, says Gerard Romero.

The last source maybe makes sense of the preceding ones. Apparently, Barcelona are calm about the situation. But Atlético, for whatever reason, are sending out mixed signals. Why? Well, perhaps they want their fans to know they did their best to keep Griezmann, even if really, they don’t have a chance anymore. Or, maybe they want Barcelona to know that they are willing to play hardball over price, and won’t accept any more than his release clause. Or maybe the mixed signals come from different people, with different agendas. Or maybe the player himself is confused.

Whatever the case, the key is what happens on July 1st, when his release clause drops to 100 million euro.