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Carles Alena apologises to fans after Barcelona B are relegated

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International Champions Cup 2016 - Leicester City v Barcelona Photo by Nils Petter Nilsson/Ombrello/Getty Images

Barcelona B midfielder Carles Alena apologised to supporters after his team were relegated on Sunday after a 0-0 draw with Albacete.

The B team will play in Spain’s third tier next season after just one season back in the second division.

After the game Alena took to Twitter to send a message to supporters.

He said: “It’s a very difficult day for everyone. We are the most responsible. We apologise to everyone who has been supporting us throughout the entire season. We gave it our all, until the end, but it wasn’t enough... We will be back! Força Barça!”

It’s entirely possible Alena has played his last game for Barcelona B. The midfielder is expected to be promoted to the first team next season.

Ernesto Valverde seemed to confirm as much at the end of the season saying “I think it’s more or less clear he will be with us.”