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Barcelona lower their asking price for Jasper Cillessen - report

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The club would sell for half his buyout clause

Barcelona v Sevilla - Spanish Copa del Rey Final Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

Barcelona have reportedly set their asking price for Dutch keeper Jasper Cillessen. While the club wishes they could keep Cillessen as an over-qualified backup to Marc-Andre ter Stegen, they realize in the climate that is modern football, doing so is nearly impossible.

Cillessen has shown his quality and skill while playing for Barcelona, making him a prime target for top clubs around the world looking so solidify their goalie spot. Barcelona have seen the writing on the wall and set their price somewhere around €30m, half his buyout clause.

It remains unclear if there is a club that’s particularly interested in Cillessen at that price. The rumblings around top clubs in both England and Italy being heavily interested in Cillessen hasn’t died down though. Now that a solid price has been floated out there, it’ll be interesting to see what clubs come through and make it known that they’re interested.