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AS Roma hilariously trolled Barcelona and Malcom on Twitter

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This is REALLY funny, and REALLY lighthearted

Barcelona and AS Roma are playing an International Champions Cup friendly in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. This was supposed to be OK just a week ago, then Barça signed Malcom when he was about to board a plane to join Roma.

This has obviously sparked a lot of jokes and memes on the internet, but we’ve got a new hilarious one coming from the official AS Roma Twitter account.

How, do you ask? Well, let’s first look at the tweet from Barça’s account with the starting lineup from the match:

Now, please look at Roma’s tweet:

See the difference? If you do, you’ll probably have a good laugh. This is just good old banter, and Roma aren’t really that mad at Barça on this. They just have really good jokes.