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FC Tokyo are hiring an Andres Iniesta impersonator

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So, this is weird

Vissel Kobe v Shonan Bellmare - J.League J1 Photo by Buddhika Weerasinghe/Getty Images

FC Tokyo are apparently hiring an Andres Iniesta impersonator. The Vissel Kobe star has apparently grabbed so much attention in Japan already that an impersonator is necessary whenever he misses a match.

It seems necessary I suppose because Iniesta is set to miss the match this Sunday due to traveling back to Spain to meet up with his family.

“Iniesta has made a quick trip back to Spain to pick up his family and bring them to Japan,” said Vissel Kobe business director Masayuki Mori.

“He will be away for just a few days and will then return to action.”


And here’s a quick look at the man who will be standing in for the Barcelona legend - surely nobody will even notice the difference?

Perhaps the impersonator will bring him running back quicker than expected.