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Luis Enrique refuses to explain Jordi Alba snub

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The Barcelona defender has been dropped by Spain

Deportivo Alaves vs Barcelona - Copa Del Rey Final Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

New Spain boss Luis Enrique was in no mood to discuss Jordi Alba’s omission from his squad during a press conference on Friday.

Lucho was fielding questions after announcing his squad for September games against England and Croatia.

Leaving Alba out was one of the main talking points, but the former Barcelona boss was giving very little away.

He was asked directly if he’d left Alba out for sporting reasons or because of the relationship between the two, and this was his answer.

“Good question...I refer to what I have said. It is normal, I anticipated that there would be surprises and from then on there will be more. It is very difficult to be a player of the national team.

“It’s a special day for me, to be able to give the first list, it’s been many hours and a lot of time to get to know the players in depth. I understand the interest in each player that is not on the list, but I will gladly speak of those who are on the list.”

Source | Mundo Deportivo

Alba was quick to voice his frustration at Barcelona when he was dropped by Lucho after he switched to a three-man defence in his final season in charge of the club.

The bad feeling between the two appears to have lingered and seems to have cost Alba his place in the national team, for now at least.