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Lionel Messi says he will be the one to say when he goes

The captain says he’ll know when the time is right to retire


Lionel Messi won another award on Wednesday. The Argentine and Barcelona star picked the Golden Shoe and also spoke about how his career might end. Why this has become a theme over the last week, I’m not sure, but nevertheless, here’s the boss himself.

“You realize how long you can go on and I will discover it with the passing of time. I will be the first to say here I got up to here and I can not go any further. Or I feel good to continue. Over the years I will discover it.

“I prefer that people talk about me (instead). I know what I am, what I did and what I can give, but I keep it to myself. Then the people give their opinion. I don’t like to talk about myself, but about the collective.”

Lionel Messi | Source

The decline of great players is always interesting to watch. Messi doesn’t seem like someone who will hold onto something longer than he needs to. Whenever his decline does start, I would assume he adjusts his game to reflect the decline.

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